Sports and Recreation

Of course when we mention sport, we really mean (Ice) Hockey. It’s a national obsession – from the major Coffee shop (Tim Hortons) to the $5 bill, Hockey is everywhere. Every city and town will have a rink and teams. You cannot escape it, so just let yourself be won over.

As popular as Hockey is, more children play Soccer (Football) and more adults play golf. Let your imagination run free, you can play and watch almost any sport in Canada.

During the summer months Baseball is king and many minor leagues for children are available in all regions. Canadians also have a huge interest in Basketball, American (Canadian) football, lacrosse, cycling and tennis.

In summer many adults and children will take to the lakes to Kayak or swim, in winter, Hockey, skiing and snowboarding are prevalent.

Sports play an important role in the school curriculum; physical fitness and health is emphasised throughout the school system.