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Immigration Scenarios

These Canadian  Immigration scenarios are based on frequent situations and outcomes. Names and specifics are fictitious and are designed to give the reader an idea of how different Immigration routes can develop over time.

Jasmine’s Story – A new life in Canada.

Jasmine was born in the UK, is Single and 28 years’ old; she qualified with a Master’s Degree from a UK university and has been working as an HR manager for the past 4 years. She wants to move to British Columbia to start a new life with her boyfriend who is Canadian and lives in Vancouver.

What happened?

John and Simon’s Story – All factors considered?

John, 37 and Simon, 40, are married and both highly qualified with Degrees. Simon also has a diploma but it’s not related to his work experience. John has extensive work experience and is an Architect, with many Professional qualifications; Simon is a Sous Chef. Both have good English language ability.

What happened?

Amir and Amandip’s Story – Who’s the Principal applicant?

Amir and Amandip are in their late 20s with a 3-year-old child. Amir is highly qualified with a Master’s degree, extensive work experience but has limited English language ability. Amandip has good qualifications, a 2 year HND, very good English ability and 3 years’ qualifying work experience, but it’s from over 5 years’ ago.

What happened?

Frank and Gemma’s Story – Too old?

Frank and Gemma are in their late 40s, with grown up children. Both are highly experienced professionals, have good English language ability and degrees. They want to move to British Columbia to set up a small Bed and Breakfast establishment. They have a great deal of equity in their property in London and are financially secure.

What happened?

David and Pippa’s Story – A plan that works.

David and Pippa are in their late 20s; David is a plumber and has UK trade qualifications and a two-year diploma; Pippa is a housewife and has a great interest in gardening and an NVQ 2 in gardening from a few years ago. They have two school aged children. David has a previous criminal conviction for Drink Driving conviction from 10 years ago and was banned from driving for two months. They had previously applied for Permanent Residency after being selected with an ITA through Express Entry but were refused on the basis of David’s Criminal Conviction and an inaccurate Express Entry Profile score.

What happened?

Niall and Anna’s Story – Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

Niall and Anna are 38 and 37, with one child but are not married; Niall has no academic qualifications but a wealth of experience in IT and is highly employable. Anna wants to work in early childhood education and perhaps open her own business eventually.

What happened?

Peter and Louise’s Story -Provincial solutions.

Peter and Louise want to go to Nova Scotia and Louise has a job offer from a company in Halifax; the company are not prepared to apply for a LMIA but have advertised for the position without success, before offering the role to Louise. Neither Peter or Louise qualify for the Federal Skilled Worker stream and therefore Express Entry.

What happened?

Josh’s Story – I need a little time.

Josh is 26 and has spent 2 years in Canada under an IEC visa and has just less than one year’s work experience in Canada as a chef. He has a 3-year Diploma in food management and has worked as a waiter in the UK for 3 years but 10 months ago was promoted to assistant manager of his restaurant. He has an Aunt who is a Canadian Citizen.

What happened?

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