Express Entry

What is Express Entry?

Express Entry is a system used to manage applications for Permanent Residency under the following Federal Economic Immigration programs:

  1. The Federal Skilled Worker Program
  2. The Canadian Experience Class
  3. The Federal Skilled Trades Program

Provinces have also introduced programs associated with Express Entry, through their Provincial Nominee Programs.

Candidates within Express Entry are ranked against each other according to points awarded though core attributes; additional points can be gained through a Provincial Nomination or Job offer (LMIA based). Total points available are 1200.


How Express Entry works

Express Entry is a two-step process.




Step 1.

Candidates complete an online profile that provides information about their Skills, work Experience, Language ability, education and other details.

If the candidate is eligible for one of the economic programs, their profile will be accepted into the ‘pool’ of candidates. A candidate must be eligible for one of the Economic programs and will be awarded points for:

  1. Language (English or French ability)step-2
  2. Qualifying work Experience
  3. Age
  4. Education
  5. Spousal/ partner attributes, if applicable
  6. Canadian work/ study experience
  7. LMIA job offer or Provincial Nomination

Candidates must submit a valid language test and an Educational Credential Assessment (if education is outside of Canada).

Candidates without a LMIA job offer must also register with the ESDC Job Bank.

Step 2.

IRCC select candidates by issuing an Invitation to apply (ITA). Invitations are issued on a regular basis every 2-4 weeks. Candidates are selected by:

  1. Meeting minimum CRS points
  2. Having a valid LMIA job offer in Canada
  3. Being nominated by a Province

step-4If invited, a candidate has 90 days to submit an online application for Permanent Residence. IRCC will usually process this application within 6 months. Once an application is submitted, all information within a candidates profile is ‘locked’ and cannot be changed. Invited Candidates must still meet eligibility and admissibility requirements under Canada’s Immigration Law.

A candidate can stay in the pool for up to a year and resubmit their profile if not invited.

A candidates CRS points’ may increase or decrease within the pool dependent on changing profile information e.g. age, qualifications, language results.