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Your emigration journey to Canada starts here

Deal Directly with a regulated consultant – not with an unqualified agent.

Are you thinking of moving to Canada and looking at the best way get Permanent Residency or Visas as quickly as possible? You’ve come to the right place. My name is Mike Wilson and I am a UK based, ICCRC Regulated and qualified Canadian Immigration Consultant. This means that you are protected and will receive informed, expert advice.

I will ensure that you receive a quality, professional service right from your first contact with me; we will explore possible immigration avenues to ensure your move to Canada is fast, effective and straightforward.

You and your case are dealt with directly by a regulated and qualified consultant, not with an agent, as is the case with most migration companies.

Your Success

I have a 95%+ approval rate for submitted applications for Permanent Residency for my clients; this will substantially increase your chances of a successful application.

Get Assessed

If you are serious about moving and would like a detailed analysis of your eligibility and potential Immigration route, take my free assessment and book a personal consultation where I’ll evaluate your Immigration potential, go through all your options, and build a ‘road map’ to get you to Canada.

We’ll discuss your case and I’ll provide you with Express Entry and Federal Skilled Worker points, explain how the system really works and how i can get you to Canada through the most effective means. As well as representing you to obtain your visas, I also provide a completely free relocation advisory service to you that makes moving to Canada a streamlined and enjoyable experience.

For many families, an application for Permanent Residency from outside of Canada may be the best solution, especially if this can be achieved within a few months. However it can be difficult to keep an application focused with a busy modern lifestyle – many applications can fizzle out along the way. Canadian Immigration can be a complex and confusing system. Let me take the stress and uncertainty out of moving to Canada – I’m here to help you succeed.

Call us now for an initial chat and to book your consultation – it may be a 10 minute phone call that just changes your life.

Phone: 07719 008923   Email: enquiries@canadaimmigrationsolutions.co.uk


Carer jobs available for PR

Do you or your partner have work experience as a carer?

If so, we have positions available in Nova Scotia that will allow you to apply under the Atlantic Immigration Pilot Project directly for Permanent Residency, NOW!

Applications are fast so Permanent Residency can be gained within weeks


  • A good level of English Language ability
  • A Certificate or Diploma (or above) preferably from the UK.
  • To be able to move to Canada (Nova Scotia) within 6 months.
  • One Year’s work experience as a Carer within the last three years

Job Description

Send you CV to info@canadaimmigrationsolutions.co.uk

We also have positions for Qualified Podiatrists.


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