TV/ Cable

Most families will subscribe to a Cable or satellite provision such as Eastlink, Rogers and Shaw. These providers offer complete packages including TV, Internet and home phone (sometimes Cell Phone options).

CBC is the publically funded Canadian channel; government legislation requires that certain quotas of TV programming and prime time broadcasts are domestic content.

TVs in Canada run on the NTSC format.

Mobile (Cell) Phones

Though an ever changing market, in general cell phones operate plans differently than the UK. Often a standard plan will be of a 3 year duration and incoming calls will be charged for.

Home Telephone

Home phones are often standard within a Cable package and all local calls will be free.


Generally internet speeds will be superior to the UK; 50-100mbs are common. The nature of Canadian homes means that Cat5/6 wiring is easily installed throughout a property to provide a hard wired option in many rooms in addition to Wi Fi.

As streaming and online content become more prevalent, access to UK TV shows/ sports and online content become easier to obtain. It should be noted that BBCi Player and ITVi Player are accessible for a fee but are restricted in content. Major retailers such as Apple and Amazon have Canadian based websites so many new UK immigrants will keep their UK accounts to provide a wider range of goods.


Canadian Post operate throughout Canada. Mailing times to/ from the UK are in the region of a week (unless custom duties apply). In many areas mail boxes are collected together in an area and are accessed through a personal Key Box.