For most families looking to move to Canada lifestyle is often a major consideration. Perhaps a slower pace of life, more sporting and recreation options, more opportunities for children and of course a friendlier, safer and kinder environment.

Can all of this be true?

For the most part it is true, certainly Canadians are friendly bunch and very accepting of new immigrants, especially from the UK.

The first thing that strikes most people is just the sheer magnitude of Canada and the lifestyle benefits that this brings – generally more space, bigger houses, wider roads and recreation activities a plenty.

Canada is also renowned for its natural beauty and you are never too far away from parks, forests or stunning scenery, be it mountains, forests, lakes or the sea.

Canadian cities have a vibrant feel, with all one would expect of a modern and progressive society. Each will have a distinct flavour – from the Bustle of Toronto to the old world charm of Halifax.

A more relaxed lifestyle is normal and an easy going way of life can be found in most provinces and cities. It is often said that new Canadian Immigrants get back what they give; try talking to someone on the streets of London and then try it in Vancouver!

Of course some reality needs to come into play – there is always a balance between work and play and consideration needs to be given as to where you live and how it affects commute times.

Canadians are open, extremely proud of their country, like to party, but also like to relax. Living is casual but don’t be fooled, some things do raise the temperature. Hockey! It is often said that the weather is either Summer or Winter, but more specifically Hockey Season or waiting for the new Hockey season.

Get involved, meet people – don’t stick to expats exclusively.

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