First month in Canada

You’ve just landed and headed out of the airport with your Visas/ PR and ready to start your new life.

What now? You’ve probably got a very good plan and can’t wait to get started. A word of caution. Take a step back and think about the things you ‘must’ have before you hit the stores/ parks/ ski slopes – check out our documentation page to see what things you really should have to prove who you are and to be able to ‘operate’ in Canada.

The first month is a time of high expectations, excitement but also of tensions. Not everything will go your way. There will be things that appeared cute or interesting on a visit that may present barriers setting up your new life. Remember Canada although culturally very similar to the UK is different.

For example, you’ve seen the car you want and are prepared to put a sizable deposit on, and just need a few thousand $s credit, only to be told by the salesman that you haven’t been here long enough (how you wish you had set up that Bank account/ Credit Card last year on a visit). There are often ways around things and planning is everything.

Make sure you have somewhere to stay for the first month at least – don’t assume you can sort everything out when you are there. Just like every country there will be sharks about to relieve you of your money given the opportunity…

Also, don’t underestimate how much you will spend in the first few weeks. Try and add it up….and then double it – you’ll not be too far off the mark this way.

The first 3-7 days

  1. Get your finances sorted and accessible (Money Exchange/ Banks etc)
  2. Get your documentation
  3. Get legal (SIN/ PR card, Driving licence etc)
  4. Visit and enrol children in schools
  5. Make sure you communications are up to scratch (Pay as you go Cell/ International phone card/ Laptop and Internet etc).