On arrival in Canada as a new Immigrant and dependent on your circumstances, you will be in possession of your Immigration documentation and will have to apply for your PR card (you cannot travel outside of Canada without your card or travel documentation).

There are some basic documents and identification documents that you will need or be in possession of.

Documentation you should possess on Landing (and have copies of)

  • Passport
  • Visa(s) and/ or permits
  • Birth certificates
  • Proof of address
  • Bank Debit and Credit Card – Note you cannot hire a car without a credit card
  • Driving Licence – Photo ID and insurance documentation
  • Job offer letter if appropriate
  • Shipping B4 and B4a forms
  • (Optional) Home country credit check
  • (Optional) UK Car Insurance proof of no claims
  • International Medical/ personal/ travel insurance

Documentation you will need to apply for in Canada

  • Social Insurance number
  • Canadian Bank Debit/ Credit Cards
  • Canadian Proof of address (rental agreement etc)
  • Canadian (Provincial) driving licence before 90 days
  • Canadian Auto insurance/ Car ownership documentation
  • Home/ Renter’s insurance
  • Canadian Medical Insurance